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Personal Artwork

Embark for a journey with me to translate you own and unique vision and frequency in a piece of art made especially for you or the person of your choice.

Here is what I can create for you:

  • Your own Animal Totem
  • Your own Soul Signature Mandala
  • Your own Soul Signature Artwork

Please contact me for more information.

The Process

Making a custom piece of art is a co-creation. It is a journey we embark on together to translate YOUR vision and essence into ART, a frequency that is unique to YOU.

These are one-on-one consultation services where we engage in a close relationship to build your personal artwork.
We regularly stay in touch via email and skype to ensure we move together in the right direction.

We first start with the brief together when I will ask you many questions and tune in to you. After that I will start creating and translating your vision and mine into your unique piece of art.

I create the elements and parts of the image and sometimes a lot of it and then we go back and forth together to adjust to your final resonance.

It usually takes about 2 – 4 weeks to come to completion depending on the complexity of the project.

A few examples of personal artwork
(Many of them are too personal and I can’t show them here ūüėČ

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I'd love to hear about your project

Please send me an email or fill out the form with an outline of your project and we can go from there.