Client: Cassandra Sturdy

Author & Transformational Coach

Graphic and Video content for online project
Book cover 

13+ detailed custom artworks for the Cosmic Journey Project
200+ Videos Loops for the Cosmic Journey Project 

The Cosmic Temple
The Stargate of Destiny
The Sacred Waterfall
I’ve worked with Aurel a number of times over the years. I won’t say anything about his work or talent because that clearly speaks for itself.

I will say that I’ve found it hard to find artists and designers who I can collaborate with so easily. Aurel intuitively knows exactly what you need and can direct your vision.

He’s also happy to let you take the reigns when you want and is super supportive throughout the whole process. This kind of organic co-collaboration means we always end up with something that is greater than anything I envisioned in my brief. Thanks heaps Aurel! Cassandra Sturdy

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