Client: Jain 108

Mathemagician • Author • International Speaker

Book covers, Illustrations and Stickers

30+ detailed artwork for Stickers and Decals
48+ Book covers
Graphic content for workshops and conferences.

Harmonic Stairway Book Cover Art & Design
Vedic Mathematics Book Cover Art & Design
Decal Design
Decal Design
Decal Design
Decal Design
Over the last 5 years, Aurel has helped me grow my profile by producing highly inspired graphic artwork that captures the intricate and complex beauty of my mathematical art.

My aim has always been to teach the Beauty of Mathematics and he has succeeded in crowning each project with surprising results. His style is currently recognisable among the many masters of Visionary Art, which is why I chose to work with him, knowing he could tune into the story and produce more than I expected.

I went from sketchy, hand-coloured, flat mandala images to high res, multi-dimensional sigils that Aurel infused with his wizardry of Photoshop and composition skills. All the front covers of my 30 sacred geometry books that he has redesigned and all the 48 Decal Transparencies that he has brought to life, have helped put me on the world stage. Everyone is always asking me “who did that?” so I find myself always in conversation about his unique artistic gifts.

In the way that his style is incomparably his own, in the way that Light permeates and infuses his numinous creations that no-one else is able to achieve, ranks him as a craftsman of the Highest Order. Jain 108

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