Client: Julian James

Magician • Mentalist • Founder of The Magical Love Project

Artworks, Logos & graphic design for various projects

Julian James – Magician Mentalist Logo
The Magical Love Project Logo
Aurélien Floret is no ordinary artist. His multi-dimensional visionary artwork has a way of opening channels of beauty and light that is quite literally awe-inspiring. What he creates uplifts the energy of those who observe it, giving them no choice but to be bathed in the transcendent vibration of pure love.

His customer service is absolutely exceptional. Aurélien doesn’t just want to know your vision; he wants to really FEEL your vision. He will be happy to speak with you via Skype, and communicate with you at the level of the heart, so that he can gain deep perspective for your project, allowing you to know with certainty that you’ll be absolutely delighted with what he manifests for you.

He has poured so much love and beauty, and meticulous attention to detail, into every project that I have trusted to him. And I know he will do the same for you, too. He will wildly exceed your expectations.

Aurélien is world-class. With him you are in the safe caring hands of a wondrous magician; a man who will open your heart with colour, warmth and vibrancy; a man who will reflect to you – in his own magnificent way – the sacredness of life itself. Julian James

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