Client: Lynelle Roads (ELRA)

Author & Publisher of Nexus Magazine

Book cover art & layout

Artwork for the book Polarity 12

I wanted an art piece that integrated all concepts in a dynamic, stunning expression and Aurel was able to capture that as well as add subtle imaging structures that gave extra meaning to the whole piece.

He delivered priceless customer service in a personable and professional manner, refining concepts that I had along the way with proactive support that meant the piece was delivered exactly on the time-line I required.

His innovative style was presented through various stages, which helped me to evolve with the piece and the final co-creation was done within a few hours that saw me thrilled with the result.

Aurel has the gift of connecting to a higher creative template, given from a short brief, which allows the client to immerse with their own vision and to receive a result that leaves them 100% happy that their product is ready to meet the world with impact. If you require design techniques that commune with higher consciousness inspiration, Aurel is the most trusted, concrete source and I can’t recommend him enough. Lynelle Roads

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