Client: Susan Kennedy

Psychic • Medium • Healer • Author • Mentor

Oracle Deck Artwork

Collaboration on an Oracle Deck to be released in 2020
36+ Artworks, Packaging, Graphic content…

The Calling

The Womb of Creation

Soul Contract

Ancestral Healing

Hidden Gifts

The Choice is Made

I have been collaborating with Aurel to bring something amazing into the world. I knew as soon as I met him he was aligned with his spirit and has a total commitment to creating from a pure source of universal love and consciousness.

His work is amazing and every piece is channeled with a knowingness of what needs to come into the world.
He is a great listener and versatile so the collaboration process has been easy and fun at the same time.

I highly recommend his services as he is true to his name of being a visionary artist, one who sees beyond the limitations of time and space. His work adds another dimension to mine and it will to yours. Thanks Aurel for being you!

Susan Kennedy

Psychic Medium & Mentor, Visanna

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