Client: Synchronometre

French Mayan Calendar

Calendar cover and graphic content for 10 consecutive years

The Cosmic Temple

The Stargate of Destiny


The Sacred Waterfall

We are a French Book Publisher and we usually publish one book a year.

We used to call each year French artists to design the covers (front and back). However, since we met Aurelien (roughly 10 years ago), we have been working almost exclusively with him to our greatest satisfaction.

We never met physically, we only communicate through mails, but we are fully happy with the great qualities Aurélien demonstrates as much as a sensitive human being as a professional complete artist.

Along these years, we have been witnessing his progression, diversification and new inspirations. He is really skilled with renewing himself, questioning his work.

Beside his great inspiration, colors and universes he creates, we really appreciate how he always tunes into our different guidelines, technical requirements, short delays…

He has a great sense of listening and understanding and he is keen to meet our requirements.

Our clients are each year so happy with his visions; his talent really transforms our book into a genuine piece of art and people are always eager to discover the new beautiful galactic cover..
Aurelien is a careful and attentive artist. His diligent attention to our needs is for us a top artist quality as we change theme every year, and also often technical features.

Each year we have a central theme, we usually send some guidelines to Aurélien, and each year, we are totally amazed at seeing how Aurélien expresses and manifests into a piece of art totally attuned to the galactic topic we gave. Not only is always attentive to our needs, suggestions and satisfaction, but he also really takes care of delays and technical features,

It’s a real joy and pleasure to cooperate with such a high quality artist, always available, kind and concerned to satisfy our different expectations.

Each year we are blissed with his bountiful and generous suggestions he envisions and creates.
We will continue bestowing our full trust upon him, we are happy to support his creativity and art.

We really wish you, dear Aurelien, a tremendous success worldwide as your talent is worth to be shared. Thank you for exploring different worlds and sharing your insights into your art so each one of us could touch these different dimensions of life and being.

Veronique & Paul
Editions du 1320
France Synchronometre

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