Services for Businesses

Custom Art

Created for the following, plus more:

  • Conscious Artwork for Conscious Businesses
  • Full brand Identity Artwork / Logos
  • Full custom artwork tailored for specific project
  • Custom Healing Art (Tools for practitioners to use in their sessions / workshops)
  • Web Art – Visual content for websites
  • Visual content (still images & video) to enhance your written content
  • Video – Visual loops for conscious events, live shows, concert, festivals, workshop…
  • Book / CD / DVD cover
  • Product Labeling and Packaging
  • Custom decoration for your ceremonial space, meditation room, music studio…
  • Custom Art/Design for stages, festivals…
  • Personal Design / Art Consultation Service one to one via Skype or Zoom
  • I can create anything to suit the needs of your conscious business and project.

The Process

Making a custom piece of art is a co-creation. It is a journey we embark on together to translate YOUR vision and essence into ART, a frequency that is unique to YOU and YOUR project.

These are one-on-one consultation services where we engage in a close relationship to build your graphic art project. We regularly stay in touch via email and skype to ensure we move together in the right direction.

First we start working on the brief together where I ask questions to feel into the depth of your idea and vision. We make a plan and tailor the idea to your unique project. I then tune in and start translating the vision into art.

I create the elements and image as much as possible, then we communicate and adjust it together until we have your final resonance.

It usually takes about 2 – 4 weeks to create each artwork, complexity of the project.

I give fixed quotes for every project from the start to ensure clarity and no cost surprises at the end. 

Contact me now to start discussing your project and needs.

Use of images from my pre-existing catalogue

  • Some Artwork from my existing catalogue can be licensed for your business use.

    Licensing cost vary for different purposes –

    • WEB and online use, web marketing
    • PRINT for Book or CD cover, product packaging, print marketing


License can be the following for both web & print –

  • One-off
  • Multi-purpose
  • Lifetime

Contact Me

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